Immune Boost Salt Soak
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Immune Boost Salt Soak

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Introducing salt soaks into your life is a great way to remove excess toxins from the cells and reintroduce trace minerals back into your body

Our skin is a carrier of toxins so regular salt baths are an excellent way to help flush out toxins from our skin. Research shows that taking a salt bath promotes skin cell growth which aids in healing of wounds and is great for aging skin as well as promoting skin tone & texture.

There’s a reason why you find salt bath, foot bath and salt scrub on spa menus around the world.
Bathing in warm water infused with salt is a time-tested remedy to help ease stress in our mind, body and muscles. 

1. Detox Your Skin with Bath Salts

Bathing in dead sea salt has long been used to help with eczema, psoriasis and even rheumatoid arthritis 

2. De-Stress with a Salt Bath 

Taking a hot bath after work or before bed is an excellent way to ground the mind & body and rebalance our life. 

3. Relieves Muscle Cramps with a Salt Bath 

Sinking our body into a warm salt bath instantly gives us that “ahhhh” moment.  Salt baths also boost blood circulation to the muscles which helps to reduce pain and stiffness and promotes ease and relaxation. 

 Even a ten or twenty-minute foot salt soak will do wonders for alkalizing your body for a quick spa moment. 

4. A Salt bath is a Hydration Booster

We know that small amounts of salt can boost our electrolyte levels but did you know that adding salt to a bath creates an electrolyte balance and is also a hydration booster!

Salt Bath reduces muscle pain, which boosts circulation of lymphatic fluid so your skin will feel beautifully cleansed and renewed as well. Make sure you drink plenty of fluids during your salt bath. 

5. Salt Baths can Aid as a Sleep Remedy

If you are experiencing sleep issues try taking a warm salt bath before bed (or a hot shower with a salt scrub or foot salt soak will also do wonders).