About Me

Hello! My name is Susan Dittrich and I’m the creator and founder of Glowing Beauty

My dream of owning a skincare business and website has been in the making since 2019.

Where did my passion come from?

In 1992 my college roommate and dear friend was putting moisturizer on her face. What? Why? We’re only in our very early 20’s. She enlightened me with how we need to take care of our skin now for what it will be in our later years. I was sold! I ran out and bought Oil of Olay and my beginning obsession with skincare began.

In 2014 my husband agreed to 3 pet goats for our youngest daughter. What? We are not farmers! We know nothing about goats at all! Fast forward to 2015 and I was bit by the “goat bug” and added my first full-size Nubian Dairy goat named Sutton’s Bay. That poor girl. She came to my farm which I named Willow Tree Farm. I have had a love for Willow trees since I was a little girl (about 5) It was amazing that my husband and I fell in love with our home that’s surrounded by 13 full-grown Willow Trees. 

But back to my poor Sutton’s Bay. I’m quite sure she hated me in the beginning milking days. She earned every single handful of animal crackers for putting up with my squeezing and tugging to gather a small bucket of goat milk. As a team, she was patient with me, and I improved my skills. 

Goat milk can accumulate quickly so I decided to try making goat milk soap and goat milk lotion. That too can accumulate so I began to share with my friends and family. I got plenty of compliments, so I decided to continue making products to sell on a small scale.

In 2018 I added a few wholesale businesses and fell even more in love with the chemistry and science behind natural skincare. I will be receiving a certificate diploma in natural skincare from Europe upon completion of my first of many courses I plan to enroll in. It has been such an amazing journey for me. A young woman with a BA degree in Nutrition/Dietetics, to stay at home mom/wife to a woman building her skincare business. Keep your eyes and heart open to the things you love. You never know what opportunities will come your way and what God will bless you with. I wake up every day feeling blessed and in awe of my life journey so far.